Industrial Plastics Limited was founded in London in 1946. For nearly 20 years, the Company was trading specialised polymers. In 1965, it started manufacturing Melt Filtration Equipment.

Today, Industrial Plastics’ Screen Changers are operating in most countries worldwide. The Company prides itself in designing and manufacturing Melt Filtration Equipment, which is well engineered, well manufactured, easy to service, reliable and, above all, a profitable asset to its user, delivering good and reliable service for many decades.

Industrial Plastics Limited is a team of fully dedicated people, delivering prompt and excellent service, always ready to assist its customers with clear and professional advice.

Often, spare parts can be shipped from our London base the same day as ordered.

Our philosophy is to work with our customers to offer competent, excellent, well engineered, state-of-the-art Melt Filtration Technology, which places our customers ahead of their competitors.