Individually designed for a specific process – built in consultation with the customer.  Can be electrically, steam oil heated or water cooled.  Designs available for working temperatures up to 400˚ C and melt pressures up to 1000 bar.  Body manufactured from a solid, one-piece steel forging.  Many Breaker Plate designs are available, including low delta P, with circlips, or bayonet locking system.

Model SC Custom-Built Screen Changer

High-speed Screen Change without stopping the extruder.  We can design and manufacture adaptors to suit any extruder/melt pump.  The extruder screw can be extended to within 10mm from the breaker plate avoiding polymer degradation.  The screw can be pulled through the screen changer.  Suitable for mono-, co-extrusion and twin screw extruders.

Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Available with fully automatic sealing system for working temperatures up to 280˚ C and with all-metal adjustable seals for working temperatures up to 400˚ C.

Suitable also for rubber and ceramics.

Available sizes:
Models: Typical Output:
SC 30 100 kg/h
SC 50 150 kg/h
SC 70 200 kg/h
SC 85 300 kg/h
SC 100 500 kg/h
SC 120 800 kg/h
SC 150 1200 kg/h
SC 180 1600 kg/h
SC 210 1800 kg/h
SC 250 3500 kg/h
SC 300 7000 kg/h
SC 350 10,000 kg/h
SC 400 14,000 kg/h
SC 500 20,000 kg/h
SC 600 30,000 kg/h