Industrial Plastics Limited manufactures seven different Screen Changer models  -  from the low-cost hand-operated HS model to the highly sophisticated ‘Continuous Flow’ and Extended Area models.  The range includes Screen Changers suitable for extruders from 30mm to 600mm diameter.

So what is a Screen Changer?

A Screen Changer is a device containing one or more screens through which plasticised material flows to remove foreign particles.  The screens are supported by a Breaker Plate, which is fitted on a carrier plate and can be moved from an operating on-line position to an off-line or non-operating position.

A Screen Changer can be fitted to any new or existing single or twin screen extruder, melt pump, reactor or indeed any extrusion line.  It can filter any type of polymer and rubber or ceramics.

Common uses for screen changers are:

Bulk polymer production from a reactor i.e. producing pellets.

Extrusion lines for compounding polymers, blown film, cast film, sheet, pipes, profiles, plastics recycling and rubber compounding.

Different types of Screen Changers are available, to cater for different applications and process requirements.  Manual type or slow speed screen changers require the production line to be stopped for a short time to enable the filter to be changed, other types, operating at high speed, can change filter without stopping or slowing down the extrusion process.

For the production of blow film, sheet, pipes, etc, continuous flow screen changers are the most suitable type as the melt continues to flow during a screen change.

Each type of Screen Changer is available in different sizes, to cater for different output requirements. Standard  IPL Screen Changers are available from 30mm diameter for polymer outputs of 100 kg/h to the massive Extended Area model EASC-600 for outputs up to 60,000 kg/h.  Larger models for new polymer plants are available for processing 60-tons/h and beyond.  Apart from the manual Screen Changers, all others are hydraulically operated.

For new or existing lines, IPL can design and manufacture adaptors, which may be required to connect the Screen Changer to the rest of the line.